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Occupational Group Life Insurance (TGL)

Occupational Group Life Insurance (TGL) is a life insurance that your employer pays for. TGL provides your beneficiaries basic financial protection if you were to die before you retire or reach the age of expiry. Contact your employer to find out whether you have TGL cover or not.


A full amount of compensation corresponds to six price base amounts. Payment is age-dependent and reduces the older you get. If you have children who have not reached the age of 20 at the time of your death, each child will receive additional compensation. You can see the current applicable amount of compensation in the pre-purchase information.


The insurance applies as long as you are employed and will cease when you retire. If you continue working after the age of 65, the insurance will automatically cease when you reach 'the age of expiry', which usually is the age of 70. 

Who will receive compensation?

All life insurance policies have a fixed order of priority regarding the beneficiaries in the terms and conditions. If you would like to change this order, you have to  do this with a special form called ‘nomination of beneficiary’ (särskilt förmånstagarförordnande).

The following priority of beneficiaries applies to TGL within the collective agreement area for the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and The Council for Negotiation and Cooperation (Svenskt Näringsliv and PTK):

  1. Spouse or registered partner (please note, a cohabitant is not counted as a spouse/registered partner)
  2. Children or grandchildren
  3. Parents.

Half a price base amount is paid out to your estate if none of the above is alive and no separate nomination of beneficiary has been registered.

Please note that there may be a different order or priority regarding beneficiaries for other collective agreement areas. You find all of Bliwa’s insurance terms for TGL here


If you would like to change this order or name other people you need to do this with a special form called ‘nomination of beneficiary’ (särskilt förmånstagarförordnande). A provision on TGL cannot be made in a will.

  • Contact Avtalat if you have a TGL within the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and The Council for Negotiation and Cooperation.
  • Send us a form with your choices if you have a TGL within a different collective agreement area, or a TGL that is not within any collective agreement. Download the standard form here.

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Standard forms and the like

You can access standard forms, information and the terms for our insurance products here. Please not that forms and documents will be in Swedish.